FibreMDU Optical Output LNB

The NEW FibreMDU Optical Output LNB radically changes how satellite IF signals are dealt with. The innovative new design stacks both the horizontal and vertical polarities then modulates this extented frequency, optically, using a Laser within the LNB.

Available in both 40mm Horn and C120 flange versions.

FibreMDU Virtual Quad Optical Converter

The Virtual Quad converts optical signals from a GI FibreMDU Optical LNB to IF, providing 4 universal satellite feeds from one optical connection.

FibreMDU Virtual Quatro Optical Converter

The Virtual Quatro converts optical signals from a GI FibreMDU Optical LNB to IF, providing 4 fixed satellite feeds from one optical connection.

FibreIRS ODU32 kit

The NEW FibreIRS ODU32 Kit includes all the FibreIRS equipment required, at the antenna location, to receive and transmit the digital IRS signals to 64 points.

FibreIRS Wholeband LNB

Using patented technology the NEW FibreIRS Wholeband LNB stacks horizontal and vertical polarities into a single IF frequency range of 950MHz – 5450MHz, ready to be used be the ODU32.

FibreIRS GTU Quatro

The NEW Quatro FibreIRS gateway termination unit (GTU) is designed to feed a multiswitch system by replicating a quattro LNB. Fed from a fibre passive optical network (PON) this GTU combines a DTT & DAB output with 4 fixed satellite outputs (H&V high and H&V low) all coax.

FibreIRS GTU Quad

The NEW Quad FibreIRS gateway termination unit (GTU) has been designed to replicate a quad LNB within a home that is fed by a fibre passive optical network (PON). Also, combining DTT & DAB it provides the homeowner with 4 coaxial satellite universal outputs and one coaxial digital terrestrial output.

Compact Fibre Splitters

The Global Invacom Fibre Splitters are designed to equally divide the optical signal generated by the FibreMDU and FibreIRS systems.

Fibre Splitters PRO

The NEW Global Invacom Fibre SplitterPRO is specifically designed for the Satellite and Aerial industry. Manufactured without tails it allows the installer to connect directly rather than via a barrel connector.


The NEW Global Invacom OptiScan is the First unique Satellite IF and Optical Power Meter. Designed for use with a GI FibreMDU Optical LNB, it enables accurate alignment and network testing of dBuV and dBm.


FibreRODs are NEW to our range and consist of 6 flexible rods (of varying flex), 2 x FC/PC adaptor and 1 x wire pulling sock. They are designed to assist the installer with pre and un-terminated fibre cable routing.

FibreLIGHT Visible Light Source

The NEW GI FibreMDU Visible Light Source is designed to assist the installer during installation in finding faults within the optical cable, after fitting connectors. It does this by beaming a low powered red laser light through the fibre cable to show where there may be leakage or damaged areas.

Fibre Connectors & Attenuators

Global Invacom provide a number of fibre connectors and attenuators that assist with the installation of a fibre system. There are Barrel Connectors and Adapters designed to aid a trouble free install and attenuators of varying values used when the optical signals are too strong (type, male to female).


The NEW FibreSCOPE is designed to assist with a trouble free Fibre installation. A high powered lens and white LED, for cable illumination, allows the user to identify scratches and contamination quickly and easily avoiding costly time wasting.


When installing a fibre system it is imperative that the end-face of every fibre cable is spotless. The NEW FibreCLEANING Kit comprises of Wipes, a cleaning fluid pen and a pot of swabs which provide the complete cleaning solution.


The NEW Fibre Cable comes in varying lengths, and in two different sorts from 1m to 500m.  It is available ready terminated, or not, depending on requirements.